January 31, 2017

What We Do

AAA Global Communications helps companies across different industries to bring their business to next level!

Either you need to promote your business or service, or to re-design or design new website, or you need someone who will make and take calls for you, we are here to help you!

Our team of experts will develop the best marketing campaign for your business and present it to public through all social networks or we can develop a brand new website that will bring your clients to you.

Today presence on the market is of the crucial importance for your business development.

If you are not visible and if people can’t reach you through either social networks, live chat or phone you may loose a lot.

Lead Generating

AAA Global Communications, successfully provides its clients with qualified, valuable, double-checked and code protected leads across all industries and worldwide.

Sales Calls

AAA GC’s team consists of pure professionals with extensive experience in all levels of sales from openers to closers. Our motto is to be the best with the highest level of efficiency.

Whether for market research, customer satisfaction, product feedback surveys, and more, our experienced staff can conduct surveys to obtain the data you need for any kind of project.


Telequalification aims to deliver sales-ready leads with favorable TQL-to-SAL conversion rates. We look to identify where your prospects are in the buying cycle, remove leads / accounts whose business models don’t fit your offerings, while determining next steps based on lead scoring and business intelligence for those who do.Our teleservices team holds outbound and inbound calls with individuals who have responded to a specific campaign, rather than with completely “cold” contacts. These “warm” individuals may have attended an event, requested to be contacted, or downloaded a whitepaper, and their activity scored them high enough to warrant a qualification call.

Appointment Setting 

As part of teleprospecting and telequalification, AAAGC can deliver qualified B2B and B2C phone appointments. This process ensures we don’t stop at delivering a contact name, date and time – our appointments are enriched with market intelligence on each prospect’s specific business pain, requirements and goals.

Account Profiling 

The service includes phone-based validation of strategic business units (SBUs) and collection of account information such as technology infrastructure, staff organization, and business model. This segmentation data provides an accurate, up-to-date, and complete foundation for launching and reporting on teleservices campaigns.

Contact Discovery & Verification 

For marketers that need more and better contacts, we develop accurate phone-validated contact databases with specific roles and emails – often the contact names your competitors don’t have. This activity, also referred to as televalidation, contact acquisition, data appending, or email collection includes specialties such as uncovering hard-to-find names, filling gaps in high-priority accounts, and flagging names to be removed. Independent tests by clients show AAAGC’s data to be accurate at levels well above 95%.Our contact discovery and verification service aims to maximize lead generation time by getting to the right person first time round. We append and add additional information, such as email addresses or social information for multi channel marketing, and we can also append incomplete inbound contact information in order to avoid missing warm opportunities.

Event Recruitment 

Let us manage your entire event recruitment process, from awareness-building to managing registrations and confirmations, to maximize the quantity and quality of attendees. We’ll additionally pursue referrals within target organizations, searching our contacts for the most appropriate individual to attend.

Live Chat 

Convert your website visitors to sales leads with live chat services, either separate or in conjunction with teleprospecting and telequalification. Also known as proactive chat or dynamic chat, live chat drives customer and prospect communication earlier and faster, by providing a friendly, human interface that directs web visitors to the correct channels and assists in defining proactive next steps. Lead scoring enables clients to minimize the percentage of visitors contacted who are unlikely to be buyers, and because live chat leverages your inbound budget, the ROI can be far higher than with other marketing vehicles.