April 28, 2017

Video Production & Marketing

Professional Video Production is often overlooked, however is more important than ever.

Consider these stats

  • Youtube exceeds 2 Billion views a day
  • The average person spends 15 minutes on YouTube every day.
  • 24 Hours of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube.statistics from this viral blog article.
  • Video sells!

This generation is not interested in reading text. This generation demands video.

We can assist you with.

  • :30 Commercial Spot
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Viral Videos

Google Loves Video

It should be obvious since acquiring YouTube in 2006 that Google loves video. If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe taking a peek at search results will. Google now incorporates more than just links into their search results – they incorporate video results as well. Imagine, for example, if a business that sold tires ranked as the #3 or #4 result for how to change a tire with a helpful video.